Search for jobs based on the products and brands you work with, view full plans and specifications, and build on the relationships we’ve established to network with your peers in the industry.

How Membership Benefits Suppliers & Manufacturers:


Filtered Search

Use the brand names of the products you sell or produce in our filters. This allows you to get notified every time a new project is posted with your product name.


View Documents

With upgraded membership, view any plan, specifications, or addenda we’ve received. You’ll be notified immediately when new addenda are posted.


Build Relationships

Promote your company at our networking events and classes, which are designed to foster connections within the construction community.

Member Testimonials


As one of the oldest members of the Builders Exchange of Michigan, I would like to say thank you. You have always been a trusted business partner with excellent customer service and the up-to-date information needed to achieve success over the years. From the days of working on project documents in the lower level of the Builders Exchange to the many online services you provide today, I am happy to see the continued improvements and look forward to many more years.

Dennis Schellenboom
Member since 1920

Features for Suppliers & Manufacturers


Detailed Reports

Nightly reports sent directly to your email – with links to view full project information including scope of work, bid dates and times, location, project contacts, and construction documents.


Personalized Training

Our membership team will set up filters and track projects for you when you join – and send you a link to request training, even if you’ve been a member before. Your membership specialist will be available to answer questions during office hours and you’ll also gain 24/7 access to video guides about using our plan room.


Project Alerts

For every project you track, you’ll receive an alert via email when a new addendum is posted immediately, so you don’t miss out on changes to blueprints, specifications, or bid information.


Company Notations

Add notes to your projects, viewable by your entire company, to track project progress, status, key contacts, and bidding efforts.

Easy Export

Download project information and lists into documents to store on your company’s hard drive with a simple click.

Integrated Tools

Send project information, with documents and personal notes, to your team directly through our online plan room. Your membership includes space for 20 users who are paid employees of your company.

Construction Projects for Every Product

Whether you supply landscaping materials, bathroom fixtures, window frames, or anything in between, Builders Exchange of Michigan’s reporting staff ensures every project is updated so you have everything you need to bid – including substitution request forms where applicable. We follow up on every project we post across the entire state of Michigan + surrounding counties in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. 

Popular Project Types include:

K-12 | Hotels | Religious Facilities | Office Buildings | Hospitals | Industrial Warehouses | Prisons | Apartment Complexes | Universities | Restaurants

Featured Projects & Companies

Top Project New Central Complex

Top Projects Sep 15, 2021

New Central Complex

This month's Top Project is the New Central Complex for the Kent County Road Commission, which includes sitework, a new salt-storage building, and more!

Ryerson Brother's Excavating Getting to Know Our Members

Getting to Know Our Members Sep 6, 2021

Ryerson Brother’s Excavating

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What services does Ryerson Brother's Excavating provide for the construction industry?Martin Ryerson: Ryerson Brother's Excavating provides residential and commercial excavating services. This includes Driveways Retaining walls Site preparation Concrete preparation Concrete flatwork Demolition Erosion control...

Division 16 Technologies Getting to Know Our Members

Getting to Know Our Members Aug 9, 2021

Division 16 Technologies

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What products/service(s) does your company provide for the construction industry?Gary Zandstra: Division 16 Technologies (D16) provides audio, video, production lighting, and network installation services. Many of our clients include houses of worship, restaurants, and hospitality. BX: What are your company’s...

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