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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what we’re asked most often during training sessions with Builders Exchange of Michigan members.

How do I sign up to receive the Nightly Email Update?

To receive the Nightly Email showing tracked project changes, new filter results, and all the projects we posted the previous day, make sure you have projects Tracked with Email and check the box in your filters to Include in Nightly Email.

Which keywords are best to use when creating my filters?

In a bidding filter, choose keywords based on words found in the specifications as well as CSI codes for the division you bid. For planning filters, you can use the same keywords, but do not use CSI codes, as there are no documents on planning projects.

What's the difference between bidding and planning?

Bidding projects have a specified bid date listed. Planning projects do not have a bid date and provide an opportunity for tracking and building a pipeline for future business!

How many filters can I create?

As many as you want! We recommend that you keep all planning and bidding filters separate for best results.

Can I track companies and competitors?

Yes! You can track companies and competitors in the Research Center. When a company is added to a project, you will receive a notification in your Nightly Email.

Do you offer training for my entire company?

Absolutely. We can train as few or as many employees as necessary via video chat or phone call – and when you have new hires we can train them too.