All Things Fall

Sep 12, 2022 | Member Engagement

In the spirit of the changing seasons, this month, Cheryl shares a great recipe for your Builders Exchange Account as a member!

Crisp cool nights, hayrides, apple orchards, bonfires, flannel shirts, autumn leaves & pumpkin spice! Fall is a season of change and transformation in Michigan. It’s a time for reflection of those hot summer days that have now provided an opportunity to cool down and embrace new things. How are you affected by changes in your personal business and the construction industry in general? Do you have a plan for the challenges that come along with cooler weather, less daylight, and different scheduling patterns? Have you developed a pipeline of business to carry you into a new season? If not, let us be your Agents of Change! We’re not scary and we’d love to help you change and transform your business to create more jobs & opportunities by providing you with your very own…… Builders Brew!

A great recipe for your BX Account!

  • Fill your pot! Create new filters to develop a pipeline of future business and add yourself to the Nightly Update Email – Don’t know how? Click here for help
  • Add ingredients! Choose the correct phase – bidding or planning – make sure they are filtered separately – Choose the project types & categories – narrow it down and create separate filters if necessary
  • Spice It Up! New users – add more team members that can help you search for projects – Add counties to your filters to target specific areas of business – Add keywords & CSI codes to help find the most relevant projects
  • Make it just right! Track companies & competitors – Increase your searchability through the Buyers Guide
  • Stir the pot! Submit those bids – read and follow the process – Make new contacts – Place an ad in The Source magazine for more exposure
  • Drink Your Brew! Enjoy the benefits of taking the time to develop your platform by sipping your brew and checking out the Nightly Update Email every morning

Cheryl, Member Engagement Specialist

Cheryl, Member Engagement Specialist

Builders Exchange of Michigan

Cheryl is responsible for the effective communication of member benefits, training, and retention of services. She is the administrator of membership accounts and liaison for member relations.

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