Unum Custom Coverage: Health Benefits

Jan 6, 2020 | Benefits Partners

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What should our members know about UNUM Custom Coverage?
Spencer Olson: The program is an exclusive group non-medical insurance program that offers member companies and their employees Basic Life AD&D, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Dental and Vision at a significantly lower price. Member companies would select the coverages and plan designs to offer their employees. Additional benefits included in the program are Work-Life Balance EAP and Assist America Travel. Member companies have the ability to customize their product offerings that fit the needs of their employees.

BX: What should our members know about Diabetics360?
Diabetics360 is a program where a diabetic employee or dependent can receive their diabetic testing equipment and supplies at a reduced rate. Some examples of the diabetic equipment and supplies that may be ordered include:

    • Test Strips
    • Lancets
    • Glucose Monitors
    • Insulin Pumps
    • Continuous Monitoring Systems
    • Control Solution

BX: How does UNUM Custom Coverage and Diabetics360 benefit Builders Exchange of Michigan members? How does it help build their business and benefit their company?
SO: Both programs provide value added benefits that you cannot find outside of the Builders Exchange of Michigan. They are designed to provide lower cost options to purchase group insurance coverages and diabetic testing equipment and supplies. These programs allow member companies to offer benefits to their employees that help provide valued insurance coverage for dental, vision, life and disability services. In addition, the Diabetics360 program can help lower out of pocket costs for Type 2 diabetics. Offering these programs can help attract and retain employees in a tight labor market.

BX: What makes these services valuable to members?
SO: The value comes from the ability to offer your employees a robust benefits package at reduced costs because you are a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan. The benefit plans can be customized to fit the needs and wants of your employee base.

BX: What are the additional discounts or special rates available to members who sign up that non-members do not receive?
SO: Member companies receive special pricing from UNUM, a 10%+ reduction in group rates for being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan along with lower participation requirements. In addition, Unum offers a Work-Life Balance EAP Program and an Assist America Travel Program. Diabetics360 provides substantially reduced costs for diabetic testing supplies and equipment for Type 2 diabetics.

BX: How does the Builders Exchange of Michigan bring value to Michigan’s construction community?
SO: Builders Exchange of Michigan is always finding the best benefits, programs, and deals for their membership base. It comes down to their overall persistence, innovation, creativity and due diligence that makes them a great association. Their leadership team strives to provide the best in class for member companies.

BX: What is the value of your membership with the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
SO: It allows me to connect with a construction community that cares deeply about the industry. The events held throughout the year make it a great way to connect with construction leaders and to share best practices. I’m excited to see what 2020 has in store for all of us!

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