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Nov 8, 2022 | Benefits Partners

Learn more about Momentum Groups and the benefits and discounts they provide to Builders Exchange of Michigan members.

Builders Exchange of Michigan: How have your services evolved throughout the past few years? How does this affect Builders Exchange of Michigan members in a positive way?

Momentum Groups: Our services in the areas of locating vehicles on the ground, ordering vehicles, and our expertise in understanding electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging have been greatly strengthened. This benefits your members who are struggling with getting vehicles for a decent price and the challenges and problems they will face when opting in or being forced to transition to electric approaches them. They will have a single point of contact to help them with all of these issues.

BX: Why are your services important to construction companies that are looking to grow?

MG: Our services are important to construction companies looking to grow because these companies are busy and sometimes have the staffing and business but cannot find the vehicles needed to transport them and the equipment, tools, and product to the customer. Also, construction companies typically are driving the trucks and vans that are first to be transitioned to electric, and shortly thereafter the gas vehicles in this class will be phased out. Ford is a good example of this as they are already delivering the Ford Transit Electric Cargo Van and the Ford Lightning Electric Pickup Truck.

BX: What services do you plan to expand upon in the future? How will these be beneficial to BX members?

MG: We have already expanded our services in the electric vehicle charging arena to include permanent chargers at the workplace or at employee residences, mobile EV charging solutions, and Parking/Charging lots where a company can park their Electric Vehicle and charge it overnight or during the day. These expanded services will help BX members who do not have adequate power at their facility, Lease and do not own their facility, Do not want to make the large capital investment in chargers and the electrical upgrades and wiring infrastructure needed, do not have the room to park all of their fleet at their building, or need to charge vehicles their employees take home. 

BX: Which of your services do you believe BX members have found most valuable since your partnership with Builders Exchange of Michigan began?

MG: BX members have most enjoyed the one-stop shopping experience of being able to compare, get options, learn about fleet management services like fuel management, maintenance management, financing options if needed, and our expertise in what is real and when for the future of fleet vehicles. 

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