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Jun 1, 2022 | Benefits Partners

Learn more about X(US) Hosting and the benefits and discounts they provide to Builders Exchange of Michigan members.

Builders Exchange of Michigan: How have your services evolved throughout the past few years? How does this affect Builders Exchange of Michigan members in a positive way?

Courtney Howe: X(US) Hosting was founded in the middle of the pandemic, when small business owners were struggling to make ends meet and keep their brick and mortar locations open. We saw the need for small businesses to move quickly to the online space and the importance of having an online presence in a changing world. While having a website has always been an important step for businesses, the increased need was exacerbated by the pandemic. This need allowed us to bring in tons of new clients who were just starting out with their own business ideas and those who needed to get online sooner rather than later.

Since then, our services have evolved into logo design, branding, and graphic design, with a plan to push further into digital marketing in the coming months as well.

We know that our services, and where they’re expanding, will have a positive impact on Builders Exchange of Michigan members because it is our clients who have asked for some of these additional service options. Our focus has always been to build up the small business community, and a lot of construction companies fall in that category. Whether it’s a website redesign or a website built from the ground up, our goal is to make sure our construction company clients have increased visibility.

BX: Why are your services important to construction companies that are looking to grow?

CH: A professionally designed and developed website shows clients that you’re a legitimate business. While a Facebook or LinkedIn page can get you by for a while, you don’t own any of the content on other platforms, and there’s not an easy way to capture leads.

Even a simple one-page website can highlight the services you offer, share your contact information, and give potential clients and customers an idea of who you are and what you do. In a saturated industry, the ability to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) to gain more leads from increased traffic is incredibly valuable.

BX: What services do you plan to expand upon in the future? How will these be beneficial to BX members?

CH: X(US) Hosting will be making a push towards full-scale digital marketing next. This will allow us to assist clients in their marketing plans, teach them how to manage social media accounts, help them create email marketing campaigns, and much more!

This is beneficial to Builders Exchange of Michigan members simply because it will allow them to focus on what they do best – building our cities and roads. Marketing and website development tends to be an afterthought for a lot of companies, especially when they’re very busy, and it’s our goal to help ease that workload.

BX: Which of your services do you believe BX members have found most valuable since your partnership with Builders Exchange of Michigan began?

CH: Definitely our website design and development. Most of the Builders Exchange of Michigan members we’ve worked with didn’t have a website or were a very new business. We’ve helped BX members begin the steps towards growing their company in the online space.

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