Empowering Contractors with Guilde

Jun 28, 2023 | Benefits Partners

Guilde, the newest partner of Builders Exchange of Michigan. Let's discover how Guilde boosts productivity, streamlines workflows, and propels construction companies to new heights.

In the ever-changing construction industry, staying ahead means being innovative and efficient in managing projects. Enter Guilde, the newest partner of Builders Exchange of Michigan. With its cutting-edge mobile estimating platform, Guilde uses real-time cost data to revolutionize estimating and bidding for contractors. Let’s discover how Guilde boosts productivity, streamlines workflows, and propels construction companies to new heights.


How Guilde Helps Contractors

Streamlining Workflows with Data-Backed Estimating

Guilde’s platform relies on data-backed estimating, offering contractors accurate cost information. Using AI and automation, Guilde seamlessly integrates administrative, sales, operations, and field teams, reducing errors and saving valuable time for strategic decision-making.


Unlocking Growth and Job Success

Guilde’s mission is to provide contractors with the tools and knowledge to unlock growth potential and achieve success. Leveraging real-time, local cost data, contractors can make accurate estimates, optimize timelines, and secure competitive pricing. Guilde gives contractors a competitive edge, leading to more projects and expanded business portfolios.


About Guilde

Meet Donovan Wright: Founder and Visionary

Leading Guilde is Donovan Wright, a former Managing Director of Urban Renewal Living Development. Drawing from experience in marketing, sales, and branding across various industries, Donovan saw the need for contractors to embrace innovation and increase job success. Thus, Guilde was founded to empower contractors and tradesmen in our ever-advancing industry.


Partnering with Builders Exchange of Michigan

As a benefits partner, Guilde supports and empowers construction professionals alongside Builders Exchange of Michigan. This collaboration merges valuable industry resources with state-of-the-art technology, offering contractors comprehensive, cutting-edge estimating tools.


In today’s fast-paced construction landscape, embracing technology is crucial to staying ahead. Guilde’s mobile estimating platform, built on real-time cost data, empowers contractors to innovate their estimating and bidding processes. With Guilde and Builders Exchange of Michigan, contractors can revolutionize their businesses and achieve remarkable growth and competitiveness.


To learn more about how Guilde can transform your estimating and bidding processes, visit their website and explore the benefits of this groundbreaking platform. Empower your construction business with Guilde and thrive in this dynamic industry.


Visit Guilde’s website at https://tryguilde.com to explore how their mobile estimating platform can revolutionize your construction business. Join the movement and unlock the power of data-backed estimating with Guilde and Builders Exchange of Michigan.

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