May 2021: On Your Radar

May 10, 2021 | On Your Radar

This month’s On Your Radar features a Special Report on the May 2021 School Bond Proposal vote and the votes are in! May’s school bond results are now available, and many bond proposals have passed. Here are a few takeaways from the May 4th election:

  • Five of the nine proposals that failed, failed by a margin of 2% or less. The Galesburg-Augusta bond only failed by two votes: 803-805! I predict that these proposals will be revisited and placed on the ballot again later this year in August or November since they were so narrowly defeated.
  • Approximately 27% of the bond proposals failed. In comparison, zero bond proposals failed in May of 2020 and 29% failed in May of 2019.
  • The estimates varied widely starting from $1.38 million for Whitefish Township Community Schools in Chippewa County up to the largest estimate of $192 million for Kentwood Public Schools in Kent County. Both proposals passed.

As for non-school bond projects, in the regular May 2021: On Your Radar segment, here’s a few projects I’ve been watching closely this past month:

A feasibility study may be commissioned in early 2022. This would be a major marine exhibit that may include a shark tank, a coral reef, a walkthrough tunnel, or floor viewing wall, and an exhibit on freshwater systems and the Great Lakes.

LARGESCALE LUXURY MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT / Project ID’s 2021-0FEA, 2021-0FEC, 2021-0FEE, 2021-0FEF, 2021-0FF0, 2021-0FF1
Phase 1 will consist of 35 duplex buildings with a total of 70 units and 3 single-family buildings. Phase 2 will consist of 20 duplex buildings with a total of 40 units and 1 single-family building. The commercial phase will include a variety store, a bank, a fast-food restaurant, and a coffee shop.

NEW HOTEL / Project ID 2021-1011
The new hotel will be approximately 43,540 square feet and will have 92 rooms. Rooms will cater to both single travelers and families, providing amenities such as an indoor fitness center, an indoor pool, a lounge, outdoor seating, a small convenience market, and grab-and-go breakfast.

PROPOSED LARGESCALE MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT ON AN ORCHARD SITE / Project ID’s 2021-11ED, 2021-11EF, 2021-11F1, 2021-11F4, 2021-11F5
There will be 2 residential communities containing 121 homesites and 40 duplex homes. The cider mill component will contain a cider press, bakery, and sweet treats production, small café, retail sales and corporate office space. There will also be a tasting room, an event venue, and other amenities within a village center and activity area. The conceptual plan was reviewed by the township planning commission in April.

There will be approximately 110 assisted living and memory care units, and associated amenities across the three-story building. The project is in the very early stages of development and there will not be a construction management firm for at least 6 months.

This $9.7 million project will consist of a new concrete gravity filtered plant and pump station. The design process will take place over the summer and fall with bidding in early 2022 and construction starting in the spring of 2022.

Proposed is the redevelopment of the mall’s parking lot into a 135,000 square foot office building, 585 apartments, and a grocery store.

FOUR-STORY MIXED-USE BUILDING  / Project ID 2021-11CB, 2021-11CD, 2021-11D4, 2021-11D7
This project will be broken into 5 phases and will include boat storage, a forklift in/out system, 280 slip marina, restaurant, retail, boat condos, and residential condos. Phases 1 and 2 will commence yet this year.

NEW SPORTS COMPLEX / Project ID 2021-1248
About a quarter of the $10 million estimate for this project has been raised. The 56,000 square foot complex will feature a football field, basketball court, soccer, and other sports. The facility is slated to open in 2022.

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Allegan County

Allegan Public Schools
Passed: 54.2%
Project ID 2021-0057

Calhoun County

Battle Creek Public Schools
Failed: 51%
Project ID 2021-05ED

Lakeview School District
Passed: 63%
Project ID 2021-043D

Chippewa County

Whitefish Township Community Schools
Passed: 72%
Project ID 2021-05E7

Eaton County

Waverly Community Schools
Passed: 63.32%
Project ID 2021-006D

Gladwin County

Beaverton Schools
Passed: 54.53%
Project ID 2021-09A2

Gratiot County

Ithaca Public Schools
Failed: 54.25%
Project ID 2021-0817

Ingham County

Holt Public Schools
Failed: 51.04%
Project ID 2020-0B6F

Kalamazoo County

Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Failed: 50.1%
Project ID 2021-0093

Kalkaska County

Kalkaska Public Schools
Passed: 63%
Project ID 2021-091C

Kent County

Kentwood Public Schools
Passed: 67.8%
Project ID 2021-09BD

Lenawee County

Clinton Community Schools
Passed: 64.9%
Project ID 2021-05E3

Livingston County

Fowlerville Community Schools
Failed: 50.93%
Project ID 2021-05DF

Manistee County

Manistee Area Schools
Passed: 52%
Project ID 2019-307C

Muskegon County

Fruitport Community Schools
Passed: 56.8%
Project ID 2021-002D

Ravenna Public Schools – Proposal 1
Passed: 54.1%
Project ID 2021-004C

Ravenna Public Schools – Proposal 2
Failed: 51.3%
Project ID 2021-004F

Reeths-Puffer Schools
Failed: 56.4%
Project ID 2019-3550

Oakland County

Oak Park Schools
Passed: 79.6%
Project ID 2021-0AAD

Oceana County

Shelby Public Schools
Passed: 60%
Project ID 2021-0530

Ottawa County

Holland Public Schools
Passed: 73.4%
Project ID 2021-0537

Zeeland Public Schools
Passed: 59.7%
Project ID 2020-0BF3

Saginaw County

Merrill Community Schools
Passed: 60.89%
Project ID 2021-044C

Shiawassee County

Corunna Public School District – Proposal 1
Passed: 57.4%
Project ID 2021-046C

Corunna Public School District – Proposal 2
Passed: 52%
Project ID 2021-0475

Van Buren County

South Haven Public Schools
Passed: 66.4%
Project ID 2021-05F4

Wayne County

Allen Park Public Schools
Passed: 77.2%
Project ID 2021-0ABB

Dearborn Heights School District No 7
Passed: 62.2%
Project ID 2021-0568

Livonia Public Schools
Passed: 71.2%
Project ID 2021-041B

Redford Union Schools
Passed: 64.7%
Project ID 2021-0575

South Redford School District
Passed: 74.5%
Project ID 2021-0B06

Woodhaven Brownstown School District
Passed: 59.8%
Project ID 2021-057F

Becky, Construction News Reporter

Becky, Construction News Reporter

Builders Exchange of Michigan Planning Department

Becky has been with the Builders Exchange of Michigan as a Construction News Reporter for 10 years. She enjoys finding out about projects in the early planning stages and building relationships with project owners, architects, and engineers.

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