Little River Band of Ottowa Indians Health Clinic

Jun 2, 2022 | Member Project Spotlight

Allowing treatment and radiology for lower extremities and administering medications for these patients, The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Health Clinic & Administration Building was recently completed by Veneklasen Construction.

Veneklasen Construction began work on The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Health Clinic & Administration Building in May 2021. With a $1,066.921 project cost, the 9,478 square foot, two-story building was completed in May 2022. This was a multi-phase project starting in May of 2021. The next phase started after a COVD delay so the project didn’t actually take a full year.

The new building in Norton Shores consists of various health services for the tribal community to allow treatment and radiology for lower extremities and administer medications for these patients. The Health component of the new facility offers a pharmacy and exam rooms for health services. In relation, the Administration component has a behavioral health space for the tribal community, and the health clinic has a pharmacy and exam rooms equipped with LED lighting for health services. Because of this new facility, there will be a tangible wave of impact on the whole tribal community within the Muskegon/Norton Shores area. With portions of the project facing challenges related to COVID, a delay in ordering doors acted as a minor setback for Veneklasen. These issues were resolved by ordering the doors early to allow for them to proceed and install them in adequate time.

The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Health Clinic & Administration Building was an exciting project for Veneklasen Construction and their team because, in addition to project management, they were able to provide interior design services to assist the owner with a more personal understanding of the industry’s selections for the custom finishes they were looking for in the buildings.

The team at Veneklasen Construction worked effectively to achieve their goals and standards of exceptional quality, completion under budget, seamless coordination, collaboration with all stakeholders, and more. Veneklasen Construction worked closely with Brueck Electric for the building’s fixtures. When the selections were provided, some of these fixtures were detailed glass chandeliers that took a few hours to assemble. Veneklasen Construction said that they worked above and beyond and installed these without any concern. Brueck’s patience to complete the detailed fixtures efficiently was greatly appreciated and aligned with their goals for the project, noted Veneklasen Construction.

Veneklasen Construction created a wonderful foundation through the building of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Health Clinic & Administration Building and noted that it was a pleasure working with the owner, design team, and subcontractors to finish the design-conscious space.

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