GVSU Innovation Design Center for Engineering

Jan 6, 2021 | Member Project Spotlight

In August 2018, Phase 1 of the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Innovation Design Center for Engineering began in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The Rockford Construction team knew that working within the confines of an active campus would prove challenging, but they kept the project site safe and minimally disruptive to the GVSU community.

With many renovation projects planned for the 63,000 square foot space, the team was proactive and conducted selective preliminary demolition in multiple locations before the project started so they could identify any unforeseen conditions, which can become a challenge to the overall project schedule and budget. By taking this extra step, Rockford was able to allow for modification to project scope, cost, schedule, and design to be addressed prior to the start of the project, keeping the project within its $2 million budget.

During construction, Rockford worked closely with River City Mechanical on all the existing RTU’s in the building. They made it part of their scope to inspect the existing units and make recommendations on any necessary repairs that required tune-up and proper functionality. This was a beneficial effort, as the team found multiple units that River City Mechanical helped price and correct.

Sustainability remained an important factor in the GVSU Innovation Design Center for Engineering project. Rockford Construction’s team performed eco-friendly practices by recycling any materials possible during the demolition phase, as well as any other debris that was generated during the project. This is a typical practice for Rockford Construction on their projects, with the team stating that it is ‘simply the right thing to do.’

The GVSU Innovation Design Center for Engineering is an expansion of the Padnos College of Engineering and serves as a vital resource for students, and a catalyst for innovative partnerships between the college, companies, and community. The facility provides expanded flexible space for GVSU students and dedicated space to bring multiple schools together for K-12 STEM projects. The completed building features classrooms, lab space, open work areas, offices, and storage, with Phase 2 of construction finishing in November 2019.

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