EV Construction: City of Grand Rapids

Apr 5, 2020 | Member Project Spotlight

Beginning in January 2019, EV Construction started four noteworthy construction projects for the City of Grand Rapids. “We enjoyed working with the City of Grand Rapids on these projects,” said the EV Construction team. “We hope to continue our working relationship on future projects.”

“We enjoyed working with the City of Grand Rapids on these projects. We hope to continue our working relationship on future projects.”

The first City of Grand Rapids project, the Maintenance Shop Expansion, was completed in October 2019. This 5,000 square foot, $3.3 million dollar project included a new modular chiller system installation to service multiple buildings at the Grand Rapids Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) and allow for future expansion.

In July 2019, EV Construction started the City of Grand Rapids Lab Modernization project. This laboratory remodel will allow WRRF lab staff to work more efficiently and add a new testing process for the new biodigesters. The 4,500 square foot temporary lab, and the 6,000 square foot permanent lab had a project budget of $2.7 million. This project is scheduled for completion in May 2020.

Beginning in October 2019, and still currently under construction until November 2020, the City of Grand Rapids Renewable Natural Gas project has an estimated budget of $4.9 million. EV Construction is installing a gas conditioning system, which will turn waste from WRRF into usable gas.

The City of Grand Rapids Phosphorous Recovery project began last month in March 2020. This project will require EV Construction to manage and complete an acre of sitework and the construction of a 3,255 square foot facility. This project will allow the City of Grand Rapids to capitalize further on wastewater bi-products and harvest struvite crystals from city waste. With a budget of $4.9 million, this project should be completed by December 2020.

In the midst of these projects, EV Construction, formerly known as Elzinga & Volkers Construction, announced its rebrand with the new tag line “Built Around People”. The company opted to keep EV in the name as a nod to its long and notable history as Elzinga & Volkers and to those who founded it 75 years ago.

“Through this rebrand, it’s important for the industry to know that EV Construction will remain focused on leading the way in construction safety and quality,” said Mike Novakoski, president and CEO of EV Construction, in their rebranding press release. “Our commitment to our people and industry partners has not changed. We know a good brand is only as good as the team behind it and we’re proud of the team that stands behind ours.”

“We have a “people first” approach to running our business, and always have,” continued Novakoski. “We are eager to continue our success across Michigan and the U.S. and wouldn’t be where we are today without the employees and relationships that have allowed us to be successful in the industry.”

“We have a “people first” approach to running our business, and always have.”

The new tag line was intentionally chosen to reflect the company’s vision and mission. It emphasizes the important role partners play in the company’s success. In regard to the recent projects for the City of Grand Rapids, the EV Construction team commented, “These projects would not have been possible without Hillard Electric, Pleune Service Company, Feyen Zylstra, and Allied Mechanical, who truly went above and beyond.”

“People” not only refers to EV Construction employees, but also the trade partners, project owners, businesses and community members that are tied to the company. The goal is that the processes and delivery of each project are built around the needs of the whole project team, not only on the bottom line.

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