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Jul 7, 2020 | Member Engagement

Over the past few months, you may have received a phone call or email from Cheryl, who is in the Member Engagement role at the Builders Exchange of Michigan. Cheryl has put an emphasis on reaching out to members to assist them with plan room features, inform them of upcoming events, and educate them on the benefits they have access to with their membership.

Builders Exchange of Michigan: Why is it important for Builders Exchange of Michigan members to be engaged?

Cheryl: The ultimate purpose of membership with the Builders Exchange of Michigan is to get the best value from your membership. Being engaged through bidding on projects, training classes, networking at our events, and taking advantage of our benefits are just a few ways to achieve that value. We want to serve as an advocate for our members to streamline their work processes and be a one-stop source of information to help advance their business.

BX: What are your goals in the role of Member Engagement? How will you achieve them?

Cheryl: I plan to connect with every member company throughout our database. We have a very unique follow-up system that makes it easy for me to contact members and determine their needs. Whether it’s through training, helping them set up filters, meeting at an event, answering questions, or providing other assistance, I plan to help each company achieve their membership goals.

“The ultimate purpose of membership with the Builders Exchange of Michigan is to get the best value from your membership”.”

BX: How does the Builders Exchange of Michigan help members build their business?

Cheryl: By providing a platform for members to increase their ROI by growing their business through more job opportunities. Members have the ability to see all projects provided by our reporting staff that are out for bid and in various planning phases. By utilizing the tools we provide, members can develop a pipeline of business to make more money for their company and always have consistent work.

BX: What do you feel is the most important factor to keep in mind when talking with members?

Cheryl: I think it’s most important to understand their specific needs. Every member company is different and helping them develop filters to narrow down projects that fit their expertise is critical. By understanding what their company values, I can suggest different trainings that might interest them, events that they might like to attend, or benefits that might help them grow.

BX: Having been involved in the last issue of The Source, how do you feel our magazine benefits members?

Cheryl: Our magazine, The Source, is a wealth of information to our members. It is full of articles that are current and newsworthy in the construction industry and includes a directory of our members, listed by category of expertise. Reaching thousands of architects, engineers, contractors, and project owners each issue, it’s always a great idea to advertise their business in The Source. This year, we have a new advertising opportunity called the Enhanced Listing – contact me to hear more about it!

BX: Which professional service benefit do you feel is the most overlooked by members?

Cheryl: I would have to say our Commercial Insurance Program, underwritten by Frankenmuth Insurance. Our members can benefit from this exclusive plan by saving money up front! Highlights of the program include: discounts on worker’s comp and other lines of business insurance (property, GL, Auto, etc.), subcontract cost premiums are calculated on labor ONLY and not materials, and savings are based on individual company performance, not on how well other companies collectively perform.

BX: How do our trainings and courses benefit members?

Cheryl: Our trainings and courses are invaluable to members so they can remain current in their knowledge of the industry, obtain certifications if needed and learn new processes for growing their business. To make it easy for our members, we offer these courses in person and virtually for those unable to attend.

BX: How do our different events help members make connections with each other?

Cheryl: Our events are amazing, and so much fun! We’ve partnered with industry experts to host trainings and seminars on job site safety, legal basics, and practical courses like print reading and estimating. We also provide many opportunities to give back to the community. The net proceeds of our Turkey Party, held in November, are given to Mel Trotter Ministries. The event at the forefront of my mind right now is our Annual Golf Outing at the end of August. Members can send a team and/or take advantage of sponsorship opportunities that help support Guiding Light’s Back to Work program. For more information about our events, check out our website calendar.

Have questions for Cheryl or would like to introduce yourself? Call 616.949.8650 or email Cheryl.


Cheryl, Member Engagement Specialist

Cheryl, Member Engagement Specialist

Builders Exchange of Michigan

Cheryl is responsible for the effective communication of member benefits, training, and retention of services. She is the administrator of membership accounts and liaison for member relations.

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