Speedway SuperFleet

Apr 7, 2022 | Benefits Partners

Learn more about Speedway SuperFleet and the benefits and discounts they provide to Builders Exchange of Michigan members.

Builders Exchange of Michigan: How have your services evolved throughout the past few years? How does this affect Builders Exchange of Michigan members in a positive way?

Holden Moll: We have added a new online account management system to make it easier for fleet managers to manage the fleet program! It is mobile-friendly and has a modern clean design. This more simple system means less time managing your fleet and more time spent on your business.

BX: Why are your services important to construction companies that are looking to grow?

HM: It’s all about tracking and control. Speedway SuperFleet allows managers to view who, what, and where their drivers are purchasing fuel.

BX: What services do you plan to expand upon in the future? How will these be beneficial to BX members?

HM: We are expanding our networking. Coming soon, the SuperFleet Mastercard network will double in size! We are planning to increase locations from 3,400 to 8,100 this year. This means more places to fuel your work vehicles from coast to coast.

BX: Which of your services do you believe BX members have found most valuable since your partnership with Builders Exchange of Michigan began?

HM: Account control. The fleet card that accepts the MasterCard allows convenience and flexibility to fuel at any gas and diesel station.

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