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Dec 9, 2020 | Benefits Partners

A Q&A with Tim Weber, Rehmann, on the managed technology solutions Builders Exchange of Michigan members have access to!  

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What should our members know about Rehmann and the services provided to them?

Tim Weber: Rehmann is a leading technology solutions provider and proud partner of the Builders Exchange of Michigan. We offer economical managed technology solutions to BX member companies and partner with 123Net to provide quick installation and temporary fixed wireless solutions to BX member sites. We also support other technology needs for businesses including: • Cybersecurity protection, detection, and response • Managed on-premise and private hosted cloud • Managed networks including design, installation, and infrastructure development • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery • Professional IT services and project management


BX: How does Rehmann benefit Builders Exchange of Michigan members? How does it help build their business and benefit their company?

TW: We are a “go-to” source to members for anything IT, whether that means replacing that desktop computer that is getting old, or being their complete IT support solution, making sure IT is running smoothly and maximizing IT investments. We focus on the technology so BX members can focus on what they do best. 

Rehmann’s technology solutions group ensures BX members ’ IT is always up and running efficiently. We provide BX members a sense of ease and peace of mind knowing they have their IT needs covered. By partnering with our team, BX members gain more time to focus on and put their energy into their business by spending less time trying to resolve technology issues. We take care of that and in turn, BX members do what they do best.  

BX: Tell us about your partnership with 123Net. What services are available to BX members?

TW: With managed solutions, we ensure your IT plans align with your company goals. We work to keep your data safe and your applications running. BX members gain the reliable coverage and IT support they need. Rehmann offers a suite of solutions for one straightforward monthly fee. Through our partnership with 123Net, we help companies with turnkey solutions for IT management and connectivity. Our fixed wireless solutions fit a variety of needs, including: • Construction sites or job locations where remote or temporary office setup requires internet service • Diverse or redundant internet service to your main coax of fiber-based internet service • Creating wireless VPN connectivity between offices/locations • Requirements to turn up internet connectivity quickly


BX: What additional discounts or special rates are available to members who sign up that non-members do not receive?

TW: Depending on what their needs are, the discounts vary. The best way to find out how Rehmann can help is to reach out to us, and we’ll discuss your specific needs. We’ll identify the right solutions, then provide a quotation. We offer exclusive discounts and rates to Builders Exchange members.


BX: How does the Builders Exchange of Michigan bring value to Michigan’s construction community?

TW: The Builders Exchange of Michigan offers great value to their members through the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals with similar businesses, gain exposure to bid opportunities and timely resources, and take advantage of the partner programs like Rehmann’s that assist members in growing their business.


BX: What value have you found working with the Builders Exchange of Michigan?

TW: We’ve been a proud and longtime partner to the Builders Exchange of Michigan. Through our partnership, we’ve gained many opportunities to support hardworking member businesses and provide them with a variety of solutions to meet their technology needs. We are proud to partner with this great organization in support of Michigan businesses.

Ready to get started? Contact Tim Weber at 231.620.5410 or Brian Young at 616.301.6317.

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