Momentum Fleet: Build Your Fleet

Mar 6, 2020 | Benefits Partners

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What should our members know about the Momentum Fleet Program?
Jack Pyros: Members should know that we have a background in managing very large fleets and experience negotiating manufacturer deals. We’re knowledgeable about financing vehicles (whether you’d like to purchase or lease), managing maintenance, and vehicle disposal. It’s our job to guide your decisions when you’re looking to expand or maintain your current fleet.

BX: How does Momentum Fleet benefit Builders Exchange of Michigan members? How does it help build their business and benefit their company?
JP: We’ve helped members save thousands on vehicles. For example, if a company generally purchases six vehicles per year, they can save an estimated $30,000. This could allow them to buy additional vehicles, or use the extra money towards other business expenses. Vehicles and employees tend to be the top expenses for construction companies, so adding perks like the extended warranty can save additional costs that they can use to hire new employees or improve their employee benefits.

BX: What are the additional discounts or special rates available to members who sign up that non-members do not receive?
JP: By making deals directly with manufacturers, we offer exclusive incentives to Builders Exchange of Michigan members, along with perks like increase in powertrain and extended warranties. The deals tend to vary by manufacturer and make/model of the vehicle, but the majority of the time we can offer a greater discount than retail incentives. We show them multiple options and help guide them and answer questions.

BX: What makes these services valuable to members?
JP: The value comes from the savings. Many construction workers drive an average of 20,000-25,000 miles per year, which is quite high. The extended warranty keeps them covered between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. This helps them keep their vehicles in better condition for longer periods of time, reducing the overall cost of purchasing new vehicles every few years.


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