LMCU: Member Advantage

Jul 15, 2020 | Benefits Partners

A Q&A with Marty Peltier, Lake Michigan Credit Union, on the member advantage available through the MaxAdvantage program to all qualifying Builders Exchange of Michigan members!


Builders Exchange of Michigan: What should our members know about Lake Michigan Credit Union?

Marty Peltier: Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) is the largest credit union in Michigan. We are fundamentally different than a bank because we always aim to do what’s best for our members.


BX: How does LMCU, and specifically the LMCU MaxAdvantage program, benefit Builders Exchange of Michigan members? How does it help build their business and benefit their company?

MP: The MaxAdvantage program is designed to bring exclusive benefits to company owners and their employees. We are always seeking new ways to provide value, from lives and homes to businesses and livelihoods. We help members grow and protect what is important to them. That’s why we were named the #1 credit union in the nation by S&P Global.


BX: What makes this service valuable to members?

MP: BX members can earn more with LMCU’s 3.00% Max Checking, high yield Health Savings Accounts, and competitive CD rates. They can pay less with lower fees, lower loan rates, and lower credit rates. Many Builders Exchange of Michigan members are already LMCU members and enjoying all the benefits we have to offer.


BX: What additional discounts or special rates are available to members who sign up that non-members do not receive?

MP: Members of the Builders Exchange of Michigan receive $150 off mortgage closing costs, on-site support, and VIP Services. Call me to register your company to qualify for these benefits!


BX: How does the Builders Exchange of Michigan bring value to Michigan’s construction community?

MP: Much like LMCU, the Builders Exchange of Michigan has been a trusted partner in the community for a long time and places a high value on exceptional customer service.


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