Lake Michigan Credit Union

May 18, 2022 | Benefits Partners

Learn more about Lake Michigan Credit Union and the benefits and discounts they provide to Builders Exchange of Michigan members.

Builders Exchange of Michigan: How have your services evolved throughout the past few years? How does this affect Builders Exchange of Michigan members in a positive way?

Marty Peltier: Lake Michigan Credit Union, LMCU, has been an ever-growing company in the last several years. Our membership and assets have continued to rise, and we have been able to return those resources back to our members through competitive savings and lending rates. While the pandemic changed many businesses and even resulted in some closing their doors, LMCU continues to provide our award-winning service and products. We have also been fortunate to continue to expand our footprint throughout Michigan and Florida. As a partner with the Builders Exchange, we are able to extend these benefits to you and your members: providing on-site support and coaching, financial education, and wellness courses, as well as great products to meet your member’s financial needs.

BX: Why are your services important to construction companies that are looking to grow?

MP: In any business, having a strong financial partner is imperative to a company’s success. LMCU recognizes the value of supporting businesses in our community because when businesses thrive, so will the community as a whole. Our financial services can help construction companies grow their wallets, while our financial education can help them grow their understanding and ultimately lead to their overall success.

BX: What services do you plan to expand upon in the future? How will these be beneficial to BX members?

MP: LMCU has recently expanded our Business Banking team, a division of LMCU dedicated to assisting companies with their transaction and banking needs. As LMCU continues to navigate launching this new program, our hope would be to provide even better products and services to Builders Exchange members to meet their financial needs.

BX: Which of your services do you believe BX members have found most valuable since your partnership with Builders Exchange of Michigan began?

MP: In the last year, LMCU has partnered with the Builders Exchange to provide on-site support and learning to their members. We believe this “hands-on” approach is the most valuable piece of our partnership. LMCU is more than just a local company to act as a benefactor, we are committed to engaging with the Builders Exchange and its members to provide support as well as resources.

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