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Get access to commercial construction leads from concept to contract awards, filter to your specific type of work, and track projects to receive updates when changes are made.

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Track projects in the early planning phases, gain access to architect, engineer, and project owner contact information, and search our database to find subcontractors for your projects.


Search for jobs based on the products and brands you work with, view full plans and specifications, and build on the relationships we’ve established to network with your peers in the industry.

Architects & Engineers

View contractors who have looked at your projects, utilize our early planning phase to find RFP/RFQs, and post your projects with us for free. Contact us to see if you qualify for a Partnership Account.

Owners & Developers

Post your projects with us for free and let us do the rest, see which contractors are viewing your projects a few days before the bid date, and utilize our database to find your next go-to contractor.

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What our members have to say:


Builders Exchange of Michigan has allowed us to connect in a high-demand market. The reputation and reach of their platform has allowed us to broadcast to top trades, resulting in successful projects and happy clientele.

Jamie Duplissis
Member since 1963

As one of the oldest members of the Builders Exchange of Michigan, I would like to say thank you. You have always been a trusted business partner with excellent customer service and the up-to-date information needed to achieve success over the years. From the days of working on project documents in the lower level of the Builders Exchange to the many online services you provide today, I am happy to see the continued improvements and look forward to many more years.

Dennis Schellenboom
Member since 1920

Through our research of all the lead source options out there, we feel like there is no better platform. The ability to aggregate a ton of information in one convenient and easy to use place has been remarkable.

On top of that, you’re not dealing with some tech company that doesn’t understand the industry or the market and is based out in California. There are real people you can talk to that actually care about understanding what you truly need so that they can provide benefits to your business.

Jeremy Neybert
Member since 2020