Perk’s Excavating LLC

Jun 1, 2021 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What services and products does Perk’s Excavating LLC provide for the construction industry?
Jeremy Perkins: Perk’s Excavating LLC offers site prep, land clearing, foundations, ponds, driveways, demolition, road building, and trenching for both residential and commercial projects.

BX: What are your company’s short-term goals? What about long-term goals?
JP: Our short-term goal is to get our name out there as a top-notch contractor. Long-term, we want to grow bigger and serve multiple customers at a time and increase our overall appearance.

BX: What core values does your company have that make you successful?
JP: We are honest, professional, knowledgeable, and we never leave until the customer is happy.

BX: What are Perk’s Excavating’s biggest strengths?
JP: Helping customers easily understand the scope of work by being upfront and honest with them and explaining the job in detail.

BX: What challenges have you faced in the past year and how did you overcome them?
JP: I was not impacted by the pandemic as much as others and was able to work steadily throughout the year. I met the challenges by following the CDC guidelines, keeping a safe distance when talking to customers, and wearing a mask.

BX: What’s one thing Perk’s Excavating gets praised about the most?
JP: The wealth of knowledge we possess in many different areas of the industry.

BX: How has being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan been of value to you?
JP: The Builders Exchange of Michigan has opened new doors for us and our membership allows us to see commercial projects that are coming up for bid. This helps expand our company to help meet the needs of the larger jobs.

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