Division 16 Technologies

Aug 9, 2021 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What products/service(s) does your company provide for the construction industry?
Gary Zandstra: Division 16 Technologies (D16) provides audio, video, production lighting, and network installation services. Many of our clients include houses of worship, restaurants, and hospitality.

BX: What are your company’s short/long-term goals?
GZ: To provide the best products, installation, and experience for our clients.

BX: What core values does Division 16 Technologies hold that attribute to your success?
GZ: Work hard, work smart, treat everyone with respect, do the right thing, and keep it simple.

BX: What are your company’s biggest strengths?
GZ: D16 has a deep bench of knowledge and industry connections. Tapping into our experience and connections, we’re able to deliver stellar, forward-thinking results.

BX: How have the challenges of the past year impacted your company? How have you overcome them?
GZ: Growth. As we grow, we are working hard to make sure we build a culture of excellence, reward, and fun always focusing on our values.

BX: What’s one thing your company is praised about the most?
GZ: Our people! Plain and simple, we want to love our clients and we want them to love us back.

BX: How has being a member of the Builder’s Exchange of Michigan benefitted your business?
GZ: Staying connected with others in the industry and keeping a pulse on what is happening in our community.

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