Anchor Excavating

Oct 22, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What are your company’s long term goals?
Hannah Olechnowicz: Here at Anchor Excavating, our long term goals include incorporating technology for both residential and commercial sites to be even more accurate and efficient.
Luke Olechnowicz: Currently, as a 2 man team, we hope to expand to allow for more customer support along the West Michigan shoreline.

BX: What job/project have you worked on lately that was the most fun & why?
LO: One of our favorite projects to be awarded was for Skyline Fall Protection. This project included our full-service abilities. We started by clearing the property, hauling materials, grading, compacting, stormwater management, foundation preparation, and on-site sewer. We enjoyed this because of the level of detail, open lines of communication with the general contractor, and seeing how happy and satisfied the customer was at the final product.

BX: What’s one thing your company gets praised about the most?
HO: Time and time again, our customers say how thrilled they are at the open lines of communication, the quality of our work and the measures we take to ensure that each and every detail is well thought through.

BX: How did your company get its name?
HO: Luke, the originator of Anchor Excavating has had a love for heavy equipment and earthwork since kindergarten. One of his first jobs was being a foreman for an environmental dredging contractor. His love for the water, growing up and living on the shoreline here in Grand Haven, Michigan, also known as Cost Guard City, made for the fitting name of Anchor Excavating.

BX: What core values does your company have that sets you apart?
LO: At Anchor Excavating we value family, quality, safety, details, and innovation. Family will always be first and foremost. They are the support system that allows us to work the way we do. Our team completes each and every project with fine details and executes it as if were their own home or project.

BX: How have you benefitted from being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
LO: Being a part of the Builders Exchange of Michigan has allowed us to break into the commercial projects through their online plan room. We work on both residential and commercial jobs and being a member has just connected us more to those opportunities.

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