WM Inforum AEC Affinity Group

WM Inforum AEC Affinity Group

Martina McIsaac, Region Head and CEO of Hilti North America, shares how a career pause and a career switch can lead to even greater success!

As one of the big names in power tools and anchoring systems, Hilti is a brand recognized on most construction sites.  Founded in 1941 in the Principality of Liechtenstein the trusted global business has a long presence in North America.  In 2019, when the Hilti North America CEO was promoted to the company’s global executive board Martina McIsaac was ready for the role.

Martina’s journey with Hilti began in 2013 after being out of the business world for nearly five years, stepping away to raise her family.  Her story beautifully illustrates how you can take time off in the middle of a successful career and not suffer for it.  Coming back had its challenges, though, including changing industries as Martina had previously not worked in construction.


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