{Through our research of all the lead source options out there, we feel like there is no better platform. The ability to aggregate a ton of information in one convenient and easy to use place has been remarkable. On top of that, you’re not dealing with some tech company that doesn’t understand the industry or the market and is based out in California. There are real people you can talk to that actually care about understanding what you truly need so that they can provide benefits to your business.
Jeremy Neybert
Member since 2020
{For many years Builders Exchange of Michigan has been the most comprehensive project reporting service. We have never missed a bid and they always connect us with local subcontractors. The staff is always helpful with timely responses.
Randy TerHorst
Member since 1952
{Builders Exchange of Michigan has allowed us to connect in a high-demand market. The reputation and reach of their platform has allowed us to broadcast to top trades, resulting in successful projects and happy clientele.
Jamie Duplissis
Member since 1963
{I am really impressed by the quality of outstanding customer service and expertise provided by the staff of Builders Exchange of Michigan. Their reliability and quickness in posting our bids and proposals has extended our reach in the RFB process and the quality of responses we receive. I wholeheartedly recommend Builders Exchange of Michigan!
Cheryl Hogan
Project Owner
{We have found the Builders Exchange of Michigan’s virtual plan room very helpful in locating projects to pursue. We check it on a regular basis and have had good success in locating projects that fall in our wheelhouse. We appreciate having this site to reference and keep on the pulse of the construction projects throughout Michigan.
Rebecca Kaiser
Partner Architect since 2014
{As one of the oldest members of the Builders Exchange of Michigan, I would like to say thank you. You have always been a trusted business partner with excellent customer service and the up-to-date information needed to achieve success over the years. From the days of working on project documents in the lower level of the Builders Exchange to the many online services you provide today, I am happy to see the continued improvements and look forward to many more years.
Dennis Schellenboom
Member since 1920
{I have been utilizing Builders Exchange’s services for more than eight years as a part of my lead-generating strategy. The nightly e-mail update is one of the first e-mails I open every morning and could not imagine starting my day without it. Thank you to the entire Builders Exchange team for the hard work and services you all provide the State of Michigan with every day.
Thomas Short
Partner Architect since 2010
{I love the updates that I receive every day of projects that are going out for bid. It is especially nice that I can use the filter creation tool to narrow down the projects that interest me. After seeing which projects are available, I am able to go directly to the website and view the prints. The easy takeoff tools make it easy to figure projects out.
Jason McKinley
Member since 2006
I first joined Builders Exchange of Michigan in 1985 and my membership is a huge part of our success. I could not imagine trying to work in our industry without this tool!
Michael Otis
Member since 1985