Sustainable Surfaces: Concrete

We began the ’Sustainable Surfaces’ series in the September 2019 Newsletter, and have since focused on bamboo, cork, and eco-friendly carpeting options for flooring in both residential and commercial spaces.

In the final part of ‘Sustainable Surfaces,’ we will talk about how concrete flooring can be a great option for homes and businesses alike, if you’re looking for a long-lasting and aesthetically diverse material.





  • Durability

Concrete flooring is incredibly resistant and is able to withstand pressure from heavy equipment. This feature makes it a popular option for many commercial spaces where manual labor is being performed, such as warehouses and factories.

  • Long-Lasting

If sealed and properly maintained, concrete can last for decades, even in high traffic areas. This is beneficial when looking to reduce costs for your home or business.

  • Aesthetic Options

While a cold gray slab comes to mind for many when thinking about concrete as a flooring option, it can be quite aesthetically pleasing. Modern advances allow many options for coloring and texturing effects. Decorative elements can be molded into the surface, and it can be painted over with waterproof latex paint, or it can be polished to look smooth and shiny.



  • Discomfort

Concrete is unyielding, making it difficult to stand on for long periods of time. Because of its hardness, it is not recommended for installation in places where children or elderly will visit regularly.

  • Moisture Damage

Easily penetrated by moisture if not sealed properly, concrete with excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew. In colder climates, there is also the risk of expanding and cracking if left unsealed.

  • Carbon Footprint

Using an existing concrete slab for flooring does not require the manufacturing of new materials, but a new floor requires a process using excessive amounts of carbon dioxide. This increases the carbon footprint of the flooring, making some eco-friendly home and business owners shy away.


With so many options for sustainable flooring materials making the switch to eco-friendly options in your residential or commercial space is becoming more cost-friendly and simple!

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