Meet Hailey, Managing Editor

Feb 15, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Team

Meet Hailey, Builders Exchange of Michigan’s Managing Editor! Hailey is your go-to contact for all things project-related and is always happy to help members find exactly what they’re looking for. If you find yourself talking with Hailey, make sure to congratulate her on six years with the Builders Exchange of Michigan!

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What’s the first thing you do each morning when you get into the office?
Hailey: Check the break room for snacks and drink an oversized coffee while I organize my email and write a list of goals and tasks to complete for the day.

BX: Which aspect of your job is most enjoyable?
H: Finding solutions to problems and exploring new ideas to improve our service!

BX: What’s your favorite compliment you’ve received from a member?
H: I was once called a miracle worker for thinking of a workaround to accommodate an architect’s need for a project they posted in our plan room. Being able to fulfill requests from our project sources is very rewarding!

BX: What impact does the Builders Exchange of Michigan have on its members and the community?
H: We offer our members opportunities to grow; networking events, benefits, instructional courses, and the ability to participate with us in giving back to local communities. I’m thankful to be part of an organization that’s purpose is to serve others.”

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