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Aug 19, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What is Wood Automation & Control’s biggest strength?
David Agnew: Diverse resources and experience across several markets. Wood Automation & Control is part of WOOD – a global EPC services provider with around 55,000 personnel in more than 60 countries. Every capability is highly professional and technical. However, with over 400 offices, those resources are spread out so that the customer experience is local and personal. WOOD’s A&C group of over 1,500 Controls Engineers has been named one of the Top Integrator Giants globally over the last few years by Control Engineering Magazine

BX: What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on this year?
DA: My first project with the US Navy back in Portsmouth, VA in February. The job itself wasn’t complicated, but it was very interesting to see the large aircraft carriers and submarines being built. To know that we were a part of updating the infrastructure that supports those activities was very cool.

BX: What’s something Wood Automation & Control is praised about regularly?
DA: Our people. The people on our team have diverse experiences and capabilities, which allows us to craft exceptional, high-quality solutions for our clients.

BX: What core values does Wood Automation & Control hold that set you apart?
DA: Commitment to our customers and our employees to be the best. One thing I really like is on our weekly electronic timesheets – when you hit submit, a window pops up that asks you to rate (on a scale of 1-10) productivity, happiness on the job, happiness with your supervisor, and a box for comments. You have the ability to share how your week went, and our HR and management teams use that to gauge how employees are doing. As a joke, I put in a 1 and the next day I got a call from my boss asking me ‘What was up?”. Happy employees will make happy customers.

BX: What value have you found in joining the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
DA: It’s been very helpful in finding opportunities to bid projects. I’m looking forward to meeting other members in the future, including at the upcoming 64th Annual Golf Outing! I would like to see some partnerships develop with other members on projects.

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