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Nov 19, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What is SNA Sports Group known for?
Amy Deschaine: For over 30 years, SNA Sports has been a manufacturer and distributor of gymnasium equipment. We are best known for our light-weight volleyball net systems and portable basketball goals, which we supplied for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

BX: What are your company’s long term goals?
AD: We would like to increase awareness of our complete product line, which includes goals for nearly every game! Some of our products include:

  • Top competition and recreational basketball goals of all types
  • Volleyball net systems for indoor and outdoor play (including portable net systems)
  • Soccer goals
  • Tennis net systems
  • Field hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Pickleball
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Portable Bleachers
  • Indoor and outdoor wall padding with graphics
  • Scorer’s tables with graphics

BX: What are SNA Sports Group’s biggest strengths?
AD: Our core team is made up of people who have been here for fifteen years or more. Our manufacturing is in the United States in Lincoln, Nebraska. We offer very strong warranties, including lifetime warranties on some products, like competition glass backboards, volleyball posts, and winches.

BX: How did your company get its name?
AD: We’ve been manufacturing our products in the US since 2006 and we’ve grown to be far more than a volleyball and basketball company. We were previously the North American distributor for Schelde products, which we are no longer, but continue to provide parts and service for both Schelde and SNA Sports products.  In 2016, we recognized that growth and changed our name to SNA Sports.

BX: What challenges have you experienced during the pandemic? How have you overcome these challenges?
AD: The complete shutdown of athletic facilities and school gyms all over the country severely limited our sales efforts. Luckily, we were fortunate to have construction projects in process that were resumed after the initial quarantine was lifted.

BX: What core values does your company have that makes it successful?
AD: We have grown through a simple guiding principle; better equipment for a better game, and personalized service by trained personnel.

BX:  How has SNA Sports Group benefitted from being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
AD:  Builders Exchange of Michigan has helped make our name known around the architectural and builder community in the state.

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