Norwalk Concrete Industries

Sep 17, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What’s the first thing you do each morning when you begin work at Norwalk Concrete Industries?
Robb Smithson: I make a list of things I want to accomplish and rank them by level of difficulty.

BX: What value have you found in your membership with the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
RS: We are utilizing Builders Exchange of Michigan to expand our horizons and find more specialty precast projects

BX: What’s something Norwalk Concrete Industries is praised for by clients and peers?
RS: We pride ourselves on customer service and turning cast in place specifications into precast. We have two visions; ‘Customer First, Quality Sells, Do it Safely, and Learn’ and ‘You dream it, we’ll cast it”.

BX: What’s an exciting project you recently completed?
RS: Personally, I have recently been working on our new MASH barrier and some redesigns of some of our precast restroom buildings. One of the great things about the precast industry is that there is something different to look at every day and each project can challenge us in a new way. We must constantly be thinking about how we can adapt cast in place projects to precast and stay ahead of the competition.

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