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Oct 8, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What does a typical day look like in your job?
Violeta Perez: We own MP Concrete together, but our days look very different! I run the office, answering phones, invoicing clients, and making sure customers have a great service experience.
Martin Perez: I work out in the field on a variety of concrete projects with our laborers. 

BX: What’s a job you’ve completed recently that was exciting?
MP: We recently completed a beautiful outdoor patio for a client and a concrete basketball court for their family.

BX: How big is MP Concrete? How many employees are with you daily?
VP: We’re pretty small right now, but we’re mighty. We’re a family-owned company with five employees. Our plan is to continue growing to meet the demands of new clients gained from being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan.

BX: What value were you looking for when you joined the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
MP: We want to expand our business and be known in the community for providing excellent workmanship and customer service. Builders Exchange of Michigan allows us to find and bid more jobs to achieve this goal.

BX: How have you dealt with the shutdown due to COVID-19?
VP: We closed during the mandatory shutdown to keep our workers safe, but we are very confident that we can come back strong and continue giving our clients the wonderful service and workmanship they’ve come to expect from us!

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