Builders Exchange of Michigan: What are your MetroNet’s long term goals?
Sarah Hibbard: We are committed to bringing state of the art communication services to the communities we live in – at affordable rates.

BX: What is MetroNet’s biggest strength?
SH: Our quality of service and symmetrical internet speeds. We provide cutting edge fiber optic telecommunications – Internet, Phone, & Managed WiFi.

BX: What’s one thing your company gets praised about the most?
SH: The speed, cost, and reliability of our products. We know fiber optics are the future and we are here to help transition businesses off of the older model to move into the newest and best that is out there today.

BX: What core values does the company hold that make you successful?
SH: SimpliFi, SatisFi, PersoniFi. We make it easy to be a MetroNet customer and work diligently to meet customers’ needs by showing interest and compassion for who we serve.

BX: What year was MetroNet started?
SH: We started in 2005, and are now a midsize local company entering the Grand Rapids area to compete against the Comcast and AT&T’s of the world. We work hard to educate our customers so they are aware of all that MetroNet has to offer.

BX: How have you benefitted from being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
SH: We now have a better sense of the Grand Rapids building landscape. Builders Exchange of Michigan has helped to level the playing field so we – a midsize local company – can better compete against the large, less customer-oriented non-local companies.

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