Matrix Consulting Engineers

Dec 17, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: How did Matrix Consulting Engineers get its name?
Jake Bosworth: We actually hired a marketing company to give us our name.

BX: What are your company’s long-term goals?
JB: We’d like to grow our company have more people on staff and build relationships with new clients.

BX: What’s Matrix’s biggest strength?
JB: Building long-term relationships with clients. It’s important to us that we understand their needs and adjust our services accordingly. We also do a great job of turning projects around quickly.

BX: What core values does Matrix Consulting Engineers hold that make it successful?
JB: Our company values transparency with all of our clients, we provide a quality project, and work with the entire team through the completion of the project.

BX: What has been your biggest challenge in 2020? How have you overcome that challenge?
JB: Working remotely, but we have since mastered that. The other big challenge we are facing now is the number of projects getting canceled or put on hold.

BX: What aspect of your job is the most enjoyable?
JB:  I have to say it’s when we get to see the end result of what we did and the happiness it brings to the clients.

BX:How have you benefitted from being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
JB: Being a part of the Builders Exchange of Michigan has gotten our name out there to some new clients. I’m excited to see the additional work that will bring in the future.

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