Lynch’s Metal Fabrication

Dec 3, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What services does Lynch’s Metal Fabrication provide?
Joe Lynch: We provide mig and tig welding and fabricating, one of a kind to production. Most importantly, we provide customer service.

BX: What are your short term goals for Lynch’s Metal Fabrications? How about long term goals?
JL: Our short and long term goal is to not only survive the pandemic but to thrive through it. We are creating our own line of site furniture. We are also growing our fabricating services to the right clients who value relationships and quality.

BX: What core values does your company hold that make you successful?
JL: No compromise. Never accept standards that are lower than desirable in business and personal life.

BX: What’s something your company gets praised for most?
JL: Our company is often praised for our problem-solving abilities. Whether it is deadlines, time constraints, or building projects that the client isn’t sure how to build. It is our ‘we can do it’ attitude that is unstoppable.

BX: Which aspect of your job is most enjoyable?
JL: Seeing the joy on clients’ faces when projects are delivered or when we save the job or deadline. It always brings satisfaction.

BX: Tell us about an exciting project you’ve been working on lately. What was enjoyable about the job?
JL: One of the most recent jobs we have been working on is site furniture that we designed and built for a nationwide food distributor located right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am really excited about it, it lets our creativity shine!

BX: What was the biggest challenge you faced in 2020? How did you overcome it?
JL: The biggest challenge of 2020 has definitely been the uncertainty. Owning a business is full of uncertainty and I would love to say, as a business owner, you get used to it, but it’s never easy. How we are getting through it is not giving up, remembering why we started, and true grit and faith.

BX: How has being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan been of value to you?
JL: Being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan has been a value by widening my horizons and getting in contact with people that I normally would not have.

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