Hollandia Gardens

Mar 4, 2020 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What’s the first thing you do each morning when you get into the office?
Bryan Henion: In our mission statement, we put God first. There are always distractions but the first thing I try to do is sit down and pray. I pray for our teams, their families, for our leadership team and for myself to have the wisdom that only God can provide.

BX: What value were you looking for when you joined the Builders Exchange of Michigan?
BH: Landscape maintenance business like mowing, pruning and snow plowing comes organically to Hollandia Gardens. However, keeping four landscape construction crews (and growing) means a lot of work needs to be sold by our designers. The value we have found in Builders Exchange has been in the ease of bidding commercial work. It’s work that we normally would not have always learned prior to driving by the site already under construction. We have great relationships with local builders and contractors but with Builders Exchange, it’s all at your fingertips each morning when you open the daily emails. There are so many opportunities for growth in West Michigan today and Builders Exchange is a fantastic tool to access those opportunities.

BX: If you weren’t at work today, what would you be doing?
BH: Life provides all kinds of opportunities to help others, work on projects, spend time with family, watch kids’ sports, etc. Those are all amazing things that take up most of my free time. Selfishly, if I had the day to myself, I would likely be preparing for hunting season, planting food plots, hunting, watching deer hunting videos or just straight up day dreaming about deer.

BX: Which job have you worked on recently that was the most exciting?
BH: The Hollandia Gardens team has completed many landscape construction projects this past year that we are proud of. Our quick response and world-class landscape design awarded us a beautiful residential project this past fall. We are proud of the fact that our teams persevered to stay on schedule given the rainy fall. The customer now has a new home with an amazing outdoor space to entertain and raise their family. We also wrapped up a 2-year project at a local mobile home park. 96 new homes were added to a new phase in the park. Hollandia Gardens landscaped every one of them, as well as the common space. Landscaping a single mobile home is pretty easy but when you stand back and look down 3 rows of homes that are a half mile long, it feels like we have really accomplished something. We are very proud of our team and thankful for the opportunity to do projects like that.

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