Environmental Testing and Consulting Inc

Jan 14, 2021 | Getting to Know Our Members

Builders Exchange of Michigan: What services does Environmental Testing and Consulting Inc provide?
Mark Smith: Environmental Testing and Consulting (ETC) provides industrial hygiene consulting, environmental services consulting, training services, and laboratory analysis services.

BX: What are Environmental Testing and Consulting Inc’s short term goals? What about long term goals?
MS: ETC is currently focused on expansion throughout the Midwest States through 2023. After that, we expect to have the infrastructure in place to expand region by region throughout the United States. Although COVID-19 has slowed our plans for 2020, we expect to get back on track in 2021. Throughout this expansion, we are committed to continuing our personalized service and our core values.

BX: What core values does ETC hold that make you successful?
MS: Embrace teamwork, personal integrity, adapt to changing needs, professional expertise, and exceed expectations.

BX: What does your company get praised about most?
MS: Our team of skilled and certified professionals. ETC has developed an excellent reputation over the last 31 years in business by providing timely, accurate, and reliable service from start to finish.

BX: Tell us about an exciting project that you’ve worked on lately.
MS: ETC is currently working on a large Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield rehabilitation project at the previous McLouth Steel Plant located at 1491 W Jefferson in Trenton, Michigan. This project involved the removal of asbestos, sludge pits, steel ovens, retention ponds, brine pits, seven 70-foot stacks, and a variety of other aboveground and underground contaminants and issues. Funds used for this project include ETA funds, State of Michigan funds, local funds, and our private client (CROWN Enterprises).

The entire project will last for over two years and involved the removal of over 800,000 square feet of transite asbestos siding, significant underground contamination caused by sludge and created by the steel processing activities, and brine pits along with other steel-producing chemicals. At the end of the process, the property will be rehabilitated for use as a transportation hub for Southeastern Michigan.

This project is unique in that it involves a joint agreement between the EPA, Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes and Energy (MDEGLE), and the owner CROWN Enterprises. Responsibility for contaminants on the site split and the EPA holds responsibility for most below-grade contaminants, while CROWN Enterprises is responsible for and undertaking the cleanup of all contamination within the buildings and above grade. Complicating the project are factors including the property being surrounded by residential communities on three sides and the Detroit River on the East. Concerns about airborne contamination and the fate and transport of underground contaminates are front and center.

Segregating the different levels of contaminants, the responsibility for each, and the cost for each is a constant challenge. Additionally, the local community has been very involved and the site has had on-going air monitoring in order to ensure the public that any contaminates that may be disturbed during the remediation are not going to become airborne and migrate off-site. There have been continual updates provided to government agencies, local representatives, state senators, and state representatives throughout the process. 

Currently, the project is moving toward the underground phase and addressing pits, sludge ponds, and basements filled with various contaminants and surfaces of water. Environmental Testing and Consulting Inc is scheduled to perform a survey of the basement areas as soon as the standing water can be removed.

Follow this project in the Builders Exchange of Michigan virtual plan room here.

BX: What was the biggest challenge your company faced in 2020? How did you overcome it?
MS: 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for ETC. Fortunately, we have made the necessary adjustments quickly and have continued to serve our customers and many communities. We remain ready to respond quickly as customer needs come back online.

BX: How has being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan been valuable to you?
MS: Builders Exchange has been very helpful and informative to us by providing information on upcoming projects with a great deal of background detail.

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