Builders Exchange of Michigan: What services and products does Broadfence provide?
Andy Deayton: When it comes to perimeter security and crowd control, Broadfence offers the safest, simplest, and most secure temporary fence solutions. We deliver temporary fence panels or crowd control barricades right to your location, so all you have to do is set your easy-to-manage fence panels up. Whether you’re looking for a construction fence that is as durable as chain link, crowd control barriers that can direct the flow of pedestrians, or even privacy screening to discourage site theft, Broadfence has the temporary fencing solution for you.

BX: What core values does Broadfence hold that make you successful?
AD: Our core values are found in our tagline: safe, simple, and secure.

    • Safe: We want nothing more than to make sure your projects are safe for both employees and pedestrians.
    • Simple: Whether it’s the installation or just how easy it is to get the fence delivered directly to your project, we want the entire process to be simple for our customers.
    • Secure: No one is impervious to theft or property damage, but we strive to provide a product that deters any wrongdoing, keeping your site secure.

BX: What are your short-term goals? What about long-term goals?
AD: Broadfence’s short-term goal is to provide safe temporary fencing solutions so you can protect your job sites and manage your crowds.

In the long term, we want nothing more than to be the industry leader in temporary fencing solutions. We want the Broadfence name to be synonymous with the answer to “how do I secure my project?” or “how do I manage my crowds?” We want people to know that we offer a compelling product at a price that ensures our customers’ return on investment. Additionally, we want to flip the industry on its head, encouraging contractors, project managers, and event coordinators the take advantage of the benefits of buying a temporary fence as opposed to renting it.

BX: What are Broadfence’s biggest strengths?
AD: Yes, Broadfence offers temporary fence panels at an attractive price point, and yes, we deliver them directly to your job site or event just about anywhere in North America. But our biggest strength is our customer service. We are with our customers every step of the way to make sure we achieve their temporary fencing goals. From the first contact to even after the sale, we want to make sure the temp fence buying process is as seamless and painless as possible.

BX: What challenges have you faced in the past year and how did you overcome them?
AD: Undoubtedly, COVID-19 threw a wrench into our business, but we knew Broadfence wasn’t going anywhere; we knew temporary fencing is a product that businesses would always need. We redoubled our marketing efforts, staying top of mind with our customers, and as construction sites started to open up again, we were ready and poised to overcome a tough 2020. In 2021, we are seeing all the benefits of our hard work and the positive mindset we established last year.

BX: What’s one thing Broadfence gets praised about the most?
AD: The one thing Broadfence is often praised for is the return on investment that we are able to offer the many companies we work with. The truth of the matter is that buying a fence at the rates Broadfence offers is more economical than renting a fence. If any project is going on for an extended period of time or even if you have another project coming down the line where you can move your fence panels from one location to the next, you can save thousands of dollars on fencing.

BX: How has being a member of the Builders Exchange of Michigan been of value to you?
AD: The Builders Exchange of Michigan has given us at Broadfence the ability to connect with so many different companies, so many different projects in Michigan, and we can’t wait to connect with more.

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