Elite Apple

In 2016, D & K Engineered Construction began their work on an addition for the Elite Apple Company, a group of growers that united in 2013 with the purpose of continuous development and increased production of apples in Sparta’s Fruit Ridge area, commonly known as “The Ridge”. This agricultural hub is named for its high farming activity due to the considerable number of fruit farms within the roughly 150 square mile range. Elite Apple Co LLC began planning and construction of this packing facility to ensure safe and quality fruit could reach homes all across the state of Michigan.

When D & K began the $5.5 million project for Elite Apple, they knew it would benefit the greater Western Michigan area as a whole, from local apple farmers to families purchasing the apples. Their team found it important to ensure that local consumers could benefit from healthier food options, farmers could benefit from new opportunities to sell their crops, and all Michigan residents could learn more about where their food comes from and how the produce is raised.

With over 93,000 square feet over two floors, the new addition also took into account the need for environmentally friendly practices. Solar panels were installed on the roof to offset the energy costs of the facility.

This addition is scheduled to be completed by D & K Engineered Construction in September of 2021.