Getting to Know Our Team

MSU STEM Facility

The MSU STEM Teaching and Learning Facility project, completed by Granger Construction, is the first building in the state built with CLT.

A Prescribed Approach

Fishbeck takes a prescribed approach to increasing HVAC systems to improve air quality in facilities, specifically in the wake of COVID-19.

Bissell Test Lab Expansion

The Bissell Test Lab Expansion in Walker, Michigan will add multiple labs and workspaces at Bissell Headquarters, creating 100 new jobs.

Meet Hailey, Managing Editor

Meet Hailey, Managing Editor

Meet Hailey, Builders Exchange of Michigan's Managing Editor! Hailey is your go-to contact for all things project-related and is always happy to help members find exactly what they're looking for. If you find yourself talking with Hailey, make sure...

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