Professional Services

From managed technology solutions to accounting services, utilize our benefits partners to grow your business.

Rehmann Managed IT Solutions

Up to 25% off Rehmann Managed IT Solutions including: Managed Cloud Services, Managed Networks Solutions, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Professional IT Services, Managed Services, and Point-Product Solutions.

Contact Tim Weber at (616) 301-6414

123Net + Rehmann

123Net has partnered with Rehmann to offer high-speed fixed wireless solutions for a 10% discount exclusive to BX members.

Contact Tim Weber at (616) 301-6414

Midwest Capital Advisors LLC

Members have access to a fee-only registered investment advisor providing wealth management, financial planning, and company-sponsored retirement plan management.

Contact Midwest Capital Advisors LLC at

(616) 454-9600

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union is offering Builders Exchange of Michigan members programs and benefits to help companies and employees earn more when they save and pay less when they borrow. Keep your business growing by utilizing personal banking services including the Paycheck Protection Program, special relief loans, increased credit card limits, & more!

Contact Marty Peltier at

(248) 505-4622

OSHALOGS Reporting Tool

Save time and eliminate errors with an easy to use OSHA reporting tool available through Lake Michigan Insurance Agency. OSHALOGS will enable you to create, track and view injury reports in real-time using the information you are already required to collect. This secure, dynamic recordkeeping program works on all computer and mobile platforms.

Contact Ken Jansen at (616) 234-6983

or Tom Clouse at (616) 291-9189


Unexpected legal issues arise every day. With LegalShield on your side, you’ll have access to counsel from experienced attorneys for a small monthly fee.

Contact Robert J McCormick III at (231) 218-0541

Beene Garter LLP

If you’re looking for tax and audit services, payroll support or accounting solutions, the experts at Beene Garter can help. As one of the Top 50 Construction Accounting Firms in the U.S., Beene Garter is fully equipped with the resources and knowledge to help your business grow.

Contact Beene Garter at (616) 235-5200