Uniting Nations Through Construction

With over a dozen projects in the Builders Exchange of Michigan’s online plan room, covering all stages of construction, the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project has made waves all over the state of Michigan.

According to the official project website, over 65 Canadian and 40 Michigan-based companies currently have contracts or purchase orders for materials, products, and services related to the project, putting the total contract value at $5.7 billion. The project has created over 2,500 jobs.

In addition to six lanes of traffic, three going each way, the bridge will also feature a multi-use path to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge will have a clear span of .53 miles, with about 138 feet between the bridge and water, putting it among the top five longest bridges in North America.

The United States and Canadian points of entry will become two of the largest ports of entry in North America. Both will include inbound and outbound border inspection facilities, with a toll collection facility on the Canadian side, and commercial exit control booths on the U.S. side.

In Michigan, construction teams will be making many local road improvements, including four new road bridges, five new pedestrian bridges, and widening roads at particular intersections. A reconfiguration of I-75 interchange ramps will be required as well.

Read more about the project on the official website and stay up to date on project changes by tracking projects 2015-2557 and 201723B3 in our online plan room!

Members can track the following planning projects in our online plan room for updates on the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project:

2015-2557 | 2017-23B3


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This article was featured in the September 2019 Newsletter.