Building a Sustainable Relationship

S.A. Morman & Co. has maintained a loyal relationship to the Builders Exchange of Michigan for over 100 years, making them one of the oldest members in the association. When asked what role the Builders Exchange has played in their business, General Manager Jason Ruud said “We utilize the online planroom on a daily basis to look for our next opportunities to bid. We also take advantage of a few of the benefits, including the Verizon discounts and Preferred Vendor program.” These are just a few of the ties S.A. Morman has to the Builders Exchange since becoming members. You can find them at our Legal Series Lunch & Learn seminars highlighting Construction Lien Law, Surety Bonds, and our newest addition, How Marijuana Affects Your Workplace. They have also attended the Print Reading & Specifications course, as well as many networking and social events throughout the years.

Since the start of their business in 1857, S.A. Morman has placed high importance on the values of family and customer service. Ruud said “We treat everyone in the company as family and we take servicing and responding to customer issues very seriously. Errors are going to happen, but we always want to be viewed as a partner that is willing to go the extra mile to fix the issues.”  By holding these values and their 70+ employees to this high standard, they have achieved success in many areas of the industry by constantly keeping up with new trends and technology.  In the 1800’s, the company began by selling bricks, and then cement in the 1900’s, and adding coal in the 1920’s. It was only in the 1950’s that S.A. Morman began selling doors and door hardware. Along with those products, they now offer additional services, such as pre-installation of hardware, fire door inspections, and a suite of access control and building security options.

They are incredibly passionate about this line of work, with Ruud pointing out that doors and hardware are an essential part of building safety “It can sometimes mean even the difference between life and death. We take that seriously. Doors and hardware is a very detailed line of work and requires a special set of knowledge that our team members are proud of. Not many people want to deal with doors and hardware because of their complexity and we’re more than happy to help.” S.A. Morman & Co has continuously used this knowledge and skill set to complete exciting projects in Michigan, including the Embassy Suites Hotel, the MSU Research Building, New South Christian High School, Fulton Place, and Mercy Hospital Tower in Muskegon. From the Builders Exchange of Michigan, thank you S.A. Morman & Co for your membership for the past 100 years. We look forward to 100 more!


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